VEL specializes in creating immersive 3D virtual environments.

Boost your virtual and hybrid event experience and bring trade shows,conventions, conferences, galleries and more to life by building a customizable 3D environment with VEL.
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We work with all types of events

Trade Shows (B2B)

Showcase your vendors, guests, & presenters and engage leads in a new way.

Consumer Shows (B2C)

Immerse your attendees in the aisles of your event, display an assortment of products, and stand out from the crowd.

Galleries & Exhibitions

Present your art exhibition, and highlight artists and individual works to clients and collectors in an intimate setting.

Job Fairs & Competitions

No matter the event, VEL has a customizable solution for your virtual show floor and are here to help you achieve unlimited possibilities.

Developing Your Event

IMAGINATION IS THE ONLY LIMIT! We know that creating an event has many components, and we're here to help. There's always lots of pre-planning questions and we'll collaborate with you to provide the set of features that you need to be successful.

Web Portal & Registration

We know that an attendee’s virtual event experience starts the moment they hear about the event, so creating a user friendly and easily accessible event is priority. We can help create the ideal website or plug-in for an already existing website, and create a registration component.

Event Functions & Features

Whether it’s integrating search functions, panel presentations, chats, or networking & meeting capabilities, we will work with you to ensure the items that are important to your events overall experience and success are delivered.

Venue & Exhibitors

Be your own show decorator, get creative with the environment, and we’ll create a show floor that will make your virtual event stand out. Create the best possible solution to showcasing your exhibitors, artists and sponsors with customizable virtual booths and walls.

Why Work With Us?

Push Creative Boundaries

If you can imagine it, we can create it! You can have full creative control when you create your venue. Create something unusual or traditional and everything in between.

Globalize Your Audience

Don't be limited by capacity, reach beyond the walls of your physical space. Create an accessible experience with uncapped potential. The world is your audience.

Works Anywhere

Experience your event the same way on a computer, tablet or phone. No software or equipment needed for the user to experience your virtual event.

Platform Integration

Already have an existing virtual event platform, but would like to enhance the experience? We can integrate with them to make the transition as easy for you as possible.

LightBox Expo

LightBox Expo showcases elite animators, illustrators, and artists from around the world. It was imperative that the virtual event match the caliber of its guests and VEL rose to the challenge. Over 300 artists, exhibitors, and sponsors set up in the virtual artist alley with the show surpassing 29,000 attendees, an increase of over 20,000 from the previous year when the show ran in-person. This set of images demonstrate the development, beta testing, and proof of concept as we journeyed from imagination to actualization.

Our Team

Our team is ready to take your ideas to the next level. The combination of our experience gives us a diverse skill set to create!

Kandrix Foong
Co-Founder, Business Development

Founder of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Kandrix understands the connection between innovation and technology. As the Calgary Expo attracted over 85,000 attendees annually, he expanded his reach to Edmonton and Saskatoon, establishing successful comic-con style events unique to each market. With over 15 years of creating and planning a variety of events, from floorplan development to concept design and management. He formed VEL with Brant to help offer solutions in the virtual event space.

Brant LeClercq
Co-Founder, Technology Development

Brant co-created Epic Photo Ops, a high-speed photography platform that now serves conventions around the world, including North America, South Africa, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has also managed offshore software development and has a background in UX. His previous stops included Detechtion Technologies, CyberWAVE Technologies, and Castle Mountain Properties.

Jason Brunner
Art Director

As an accomplished artist in his own right, Jason has extended his creative aptitude to all corners of the virtual realm. From 3D design to video production and editing, he brings finesse and ingenuity to every project. His workmanship can be seen around the globe, including World of Warcraft trading cards, Heavy Metal Magazine, and Ironbridge 1779 where he served as the lead game designer for Rogue’s Atlas, an augmented reality mobile treasure hunting game. He also currently works at Zugalu Entertainment as an environment artist.

Jeremy Tang
Software Developer

Jeremy Tang is founder and chief Software Architect of SharkIndicators, a developer of sophisticated retail investment and trading tools for futures and commodities traders. He has been a professional developer for over 20 years, working for various software companies including SMART Technologies, Replicon Inc, before developing the flag ship products for SharkIndicators.

VEL Gallery

What's So Great About VEL?

"Working with VEL was a rewarding collaborative endeavor. They were able to find a creative solution for presenting an online gallery and shopping experience for our artists. The final product was easy to use both for attendees and the artists who needed to provide materials. I couldn't be happier!"

Jim Demonakos

Convention Director, LightBox Expo

"The team at VEL did an outstanding job of creating a virtual artist alley for the online version of LightBox Expo. The amount of comments and praise we received from both users and exhibitors really left a great impression on us, and to see over 1 million clicks over three days was truly astonishing. I can't recommend them enough!"

Bobby Chiu

Creative Director, LightBox Expo

“I’ve worked with Kandrix Foong and the VEL team through a variety of partnerships over the past 10+ years, and I have always been impressed with their creativity, professionalism, and unmatched work ethic. When partnering with VEL, I am fully confident that they will exceed my expectations and produce a winning event every time! These guys ROCK"

Peter Klauser

Account Warrior, Bullseye Creative

LightBox Expo

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